Patient Engagement

Patient Engagement

Involving patients throughout the life cycle of a medicine

Involving the entire health care sector—not only researchers and health care professionals, but also patients and their families—in development is the best way to ensure the effectiveness of new treatments. Servier has adopted this approach and listen to the patient at every step, from research through to post-medical treatment care.

Servier acts to support patients and improve how they are treated by involving them at every stage of decision-making.

A more patient-focused approach to R&D

In R&D, patient representatives are already involved in more than 25% of clinical trial projects. We do it in order to make sure all aspects of a disease are accounted for.

Integrating the patient into every stage of R&D leads to closer ties between basic and clinical research. This gives rise to what is known as translational research.

Patients are more and more consulted in the preparation of many documents of the research programs. These documents are Study Protocols, Participant Information and Consent Form or Study Support Materials. Throughout these collaborations, Servier ensures that its programs address real patients needs and that its study materials are clear, useful and well adapted to all study participants.

Increasingly, at the end of the studies, patients can provide feedback about their experience in the study. They help Servier to improve the quality of its studies by taking into account their insights.

In order to help patients access the study results, lay summaries are available on this website, in English. Lay summaries will be translated in all languages of study participants in a near future.

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