Patient Centricity

Patients are the heart of our work

Servier is committed to placing the patient and innovation at the heart of all our actions.

We are determined to create and provide patients with innovative therapeutic solutions that address unmet needs. We are developing projects to put the patients at the center of our research. Patient-centricity means that our studies and our work are designed to make patients the focus of care. We want patients to play an important part in the way our studies are developed. In the Servier approach, patients are seen as partners. This is why patients should be:

  • Involved in the design of our clinical trials to improve their conditions.
  • Well-informed to help them make the best decision concerning their health.
  • Given therapeutic innovations to better meet their medical needs.


We are promoting this culture across the company.

At Servier, we believe that the patient-centric approach can make a difference.

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