1. Servier Clinical Trial Data

    The Servier clinical registry provides data protocol and results from our Phase I to IV clinical studies

  2. Access to raw data

    Servier will provide de-identified patient-level and study-level clinical trial data in response to scientifically valid research proposals.

  3. Understanding Clinical Trials

    Are you thinking about participating in a Clinical Trial ? This web site provides you general information about participating in clinical trials.

  4. Transparency helps the R&D

    We share the results of our clinical studies publicly, whether the results are neutral, negative or positive. We share results and data in different ways.

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Welcome to Servier Clinical Trials

We believe it is important to share clinical trial data with the public and the scientific community. Data sharing improves Research, Knowledge & Patient Care.

Servier is member of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA). As such, Servier follows the engagements of EFPIA about transparency of clinical data. You will find more information by watching the EFPIA video clip.

If you are a patient/visitor,

You may be interested in different sections :

  • About clinical trials: You will find general information about clinical trials (questions and answers, videos…). You will also see the various stages that clinical studies go through.
  • Find clinical trials: you will have the possibility to search for a clinical trial carried out by Servier. You will also find results and other information on these studies :

– Lay summary: a lay summary is a summary of clinical trial results written in an easy-to-understand way
– Results summary: results summary is a summary of clinical trial results written in scientific language.

  • Our commitments (in R&D): You will find information about the ethic commitments of Servier

If you are a researcher,

You can request access to anonymized individual patient data and study level clinical trial data if you have a scientifically valid research proposal on the Data Request Portal. We hope sharing data will help you and us to advance medical science more easily.

Learn more about clinical trials

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